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Sleep in the Arctic treehouse under the Northern Lights 

Lapland is worth visiting just for the glimpse of the Northern Lights. Now, the way you usually see those would be in the freezing temperatures on a night tour. When I say freezing I mean excruciatingly painful cold  -30C. Your alternative – picking an accommodation where you enjoy the same sight, just under the warm […]

Find the secret spot with the best view of Rio-de-Janeiro

The best view on Rio-de-Janeiro is amazing, and surprisingly – free of charge. It is one of the few city spots where you won’t see crowds of people blocking the view. All you need to do is hike the Two Brothers (Dois irmãos) hill, located right in the middle of Rio’s coast. The hike can be […]

Meet sunrise at the world’s most romantic rooftop

Ever wondered how does the world’s best rooftop look like? In my experience, it’s basically a panoramic view on the valley with weirdly shaped rocks, a dozen or two of hot air balloons in the background, magical morning light, and Izmir, the happiest dog on earth. Might sound like a strange blend but mixed together […]

Sand boarding in Peruvian dunes

Sand boarding is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Peru, but it is definitely not something to be missed. Solid round of crazy driving around dunes in the dune buggy followed by sand boarding. As an added bonus – stunning sunset in the desert and the view of the only […]

Walk down a 17-story building, Spiderman-style

An idea for a perfect morning. Wake up in La Paz. Cook porridge for breakfast. Drink coffee and read morning news. Walk down the 17 story hotel in a superhero outfit. What to know: one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rappel down the 50m building Spiderman style. 25m free fall as an added bonus. When to go: from 13.00 to 18.00, pretty much everyday. How to […]

Cross the volcano crater on a motorcycle

Driving into the volcano crater on a motorcycle. Can you imagine anything cooler? The wind in your hair, the dust on the road, and the undeniable feeling of being awesome. That’s what I thought when booking an adventure with Offroad Bolivia. The website literally says: “All you need to do is ride”. Seems fairly simple, right? Oh […]

Survive the Death Road

The world’s most dangerous road. 65 kilometers. 300 deaths yearly. 600 meter deep cliffs and the road that thins out to just three meters wide. Cycling down from 4,800m in snow-capped Andes to 1,200m in the heated Amazon jungle. This one is not for the faint hearted. What to know: at least 18 cyclists have died on the road; […]

Crash in the salt hotel

One of its kind – the hotel made entirely out of the salt. Consistently on the list of world’s weirdest, coolest and most unusual places to stay. What to know: once you get past all that “salt” thing, the place is really basic. Salt covered floors, shared bathrooms, no wifi. At least the price is really fair too – and the […]

Poke tourists on the Great Chinese Wall

I expected the Great Chinese Wall to be really boring. It would be. If not for all those amazing wonderful people. Getting in each and every of your picture, poking you with their selfie sticks and limiting the basic freedom of your movement. So you if are set on visiting the number #1 attraction in […]

Drunk samba in Rio de Janeiro

Hola Rio de Janeiro and hola best samba place ever. Given that I hate nightclubs, that is a really good praise (though to be fair my recollection of the evening is pretty blurry thanks to Brazilian caipirinhas). Three floors, all filled with antiques and vintage stuff like Chinese ceramics and old barber chairs. Well-deserved spot in Guardian’s 10 […]