Find the secret spot with the best view of Rio-de-Janeiro

rio de janeiro, two brother

The best view on Rio-de-Janeiro is amazing, and surprisingly – free of charge. It is one of the few city spots where you won’t see crowds of people blocking the view. All you need to do is hike the Two Brothers (Dois irmãos) hill, located right in the middle of Rio’s coast. The hike can be steep in some places, but the view from the top is definitely worth a little sweat.

rio de janeiro best view, ipanema beach

What to know: the Two Brothers hiking starts at the top of Vidigal favelas, which is a separate great spot on its own. The hike is relatively short – just about 1.5km, although some sections can be quite steep – so allow yourself an hour and more for the ascent. Take comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and lot of water. I forgot the latter and was really struggling for a few hours.

rio de janeiro best view

When to go: any time. Just bear in mind if it has been raining the previous days, the hike can be quite challenging.

rio de janeiro best view

How to book: no need to book, you are perfectly fit to do it yourself. Start at Leblon beach and walk up another kilometre to the entrance of the Favela Vidigal (right after Sheraton Hotel) – or ask the driver to drop you off at Avenida Niemeyer 210. From there, you have an option of either taking a public van up to the football field (Vila Olímpica campo de futebol); or follow the main street until you see the football field on your left. I would recommend to take the van on your way there, and hike back on your feet – it is much easier this way. Plus, you will have an added benefit of grabbing some beers and food after the hike.

The hike is free – but if you feel more comfortable with the guide, there are plenty of local tours that can take you right to the top.

rio de janeiro best view
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