Drunk samba in Rio de Janeiro

Rio Scenarium, samba girl

Hola Rio de Janeiro and hola best samba place ever. Given that I hate nightclubs, that is a really good praise (though to be fair my recollection of the evening is pretty blurry thanks to Brazilian caipirinhas). Three floors, all filled with antiques and vintage stuff like Chinese ceramics and old barber chairs. Well-deserved spot in Guardian’s 10 best nightclubs in the world.

rio scenarium, interior rio samba

What to know: even if you hate dancing – still worth going. There is a really fun mixed crowd over there – from awkward tourists and samba professionals to hot Brazilian girls and grannies in heels. All it takes is just a couple of drinks and you will practicing your samba moves in no time.

When to go: Tuesday to Saturday, after 8pm. Best plan is to have a dinner and drinks already there – if you want to avoid painful queues later on. Reservations are needed. I mean, you will get in anyways; but it might take an hour or two if you are coming after 9pm. And don’t forget an ID – regardless of how old you look; they just won’t let you in otherwise.

Rio Scenarium, samba dancing

How to book: online or by phone; check the website for a number. The entrance fee comes at around 30-50R (depending on the day of the week) – so that’s a maximum of 13USD. Money well spent.


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