Crash in the salt hotel


One of its kind – the hotel made entirely out of the salt. Consistently on the list of world’s weirdest, coolest and most unusual places to stay.

What to know: once you get past all that “salt” thing, the place is really basic. Salt covered floors, shared bathrooms, no wifi. At least the price is really fair too – and the food very decent. For those that have more of a budget, it has a sister place – Salt Palace, just next to Uyuni. An extra 150$ will get you loads of private space, central heating and comfy beds.

salt hotel

When to go: thankfully, the salt hotel does not melt, so any time goes.

How to book: the place is lost somewhere in the middle of the massive salt flats in Bolivia, near the Chilean border. Most people get there on a 3-day tour anyways, so just check with your agency to make sure it’s included. For a more expensive alternative – check out the availability here.

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