Sushi overdose at the world’s largest fish market

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Right in the center of Tokyo – Tsukiji, world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market. Most people come here to have some sashimi or sushi for breakfast. Brave ones line-up from 4am to see the famous tuna auction. And while the food cooked is not the fanciest – it is definitely the freshest in the whole Tokyo.

Tsukiji market, tokyo fish

What to know: don’t fall for random sushi counters. The best stuff is usually hidden inside the tiny restaurant area near the fruit and vegetable market. Do walk around, sample food and try to spot giant tunas. Whole crews of fishmongers are slicing those giant creatures with special swords that are a couple of meters in length!

Tsukiji market, tuna

When to go: the main area opens at 9am, and most people are here by afternoon.

How to book: rules of booking don’t apply here. If you want to get into the best places, you’d need to queue (sometimes hours). Among the most recommended eateries – Sushi Dai and Daiwa-sushi. They are easy to spot by huge lines outside. A meal, consisting of 7-10 pieces of sushi and a bowl of rice would set you back about $30. Check the website before going – rumours have it that somewhere in 2016 the market will be relocating to the new place.

Tsukiji market, food



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