Sand boarding in Peruvian dunes

sand boarding in HuanachinaSand boarding is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Peru, but it is definitely not something to be missed. Solid round of crazy driving around dunes in the dune buggy followed by sand boarding. As an added bonus – stunning sunset in the desert and the view of the only oasis in South America.

south america's only oasis

What to know: Peruvians say their country is a sand boarding Mecca. They lie. The sand boards are terrible. If you’ve ever snowboarded and imagined yourself gracefully gliding through the dunes, you will have to downgrade your expectations. Most people just slide down lying flat on their stomach. But the feeling is still thrilling.

sand boarding in Ica

When to go: year-round sunny weather and a steady supply of greedy tourist agencies ensure you can go virtually any time.

How to book: any agency in the area of Ica city will offer sand boarding of one sort or another, most probably in the range of $25-$35. Tours en Ica seem to have a really good reputation – but to be fair noticing any difference between the various providers is quite difficult.

dune baggy driving in Peru

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