Meet sunrise at the world’s most romantic rooftop

sultan cave suites

Ever wondered how does the world’s best rooftop look like? In my experience, it’s basically a panoramic view on the valley with weirdly shaped rocks, a dozen or two of hot air balloons in the background, magical morning light, and Izmir, the happiest dog on earth. Might sound like a strange blend but mixed together you get yourself an unforgettable life experience.

romantic rooftop Sultan Cave Suites

What to know: the place is located in the Cappadocia region, Turkey, in Sultan Caves Suites.  The staff bring blankets and pillows in the morning but for the best pictures you need to ask for a table with snacks & drinks. The dog will be there regardless of whether or not you asked for it.

cappadocia rooftop

When to go: the place is open all-year-round, but the best view from the terrace is at sunrise when the balloon flights start. Make sure you are there by 6am not to miss the most magical moments.

How to book: start by checking availability for Sultan Cave Suites (cheapest room will cost you around $80 per night). As an added bonus to the terrace, you will be guaranteed a wonderful cave room and delicious Turkish buffet breakfast.

Sultan Cave Suites rooftop
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